About us

Serviced Rooms for Rent and Guest Houses Accommodations

SnooozzZ is a leading provider of short and long-term room accommodations for business travellers, tourists – looking to see the city sights and students, searching for a guest house, serviced rooms or a temporary room to rent.

We manage and maintain guest houses and serviced rooms for rent in some of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful and destination-desirable cities. Services rooms from SnooozzZ are located in Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford. Most of our guest rooms, guest houses and serviced rooms for rent are en-suite for that much sought-after level of privacy.

Some of the distinct advantages of SnooozzZ Guest Houses and Serviced Room to rent:

Cheaper rates

When compared to what you would pay for a hotel room, you will find that you pay significantly less for a room in a guest house or a serviced room. However, don’t be worried, this does not mean a lower quality of room or services. With SnooozzZ we strive to offer as much luxury as comparable hotels.

Personalised service

One of the great advantages of a serviced room provider is that it is smaller than a hotel, hence, it accommodates fewer guests. To SnooozzZ this means that the level of service you receive is more attentive, ensuring that you get the kind of treatment that you really want and deserve.

Quick check-in and checkout

Another advantage you will find with a guest house, serviced rooms and rooms to rent with SnooozzZ is how quickly check-in and check-out take place. With this speedy and efficient service, you can get your room sorted out in no time and check-out when you are ready – stress-free.

We are dedicated to making sure that each and every visitor feels at home. SnooozzZ strives to ensure your guest house stay is comfortable, pleasant and stress-free. Our signature level of customer satisfaction stems from our sister company Peymans.com. Together, we have built a reputation based on maintaining high standards, ensuring that during your stay with SnooozzZ you have all the home comforts for a truly relaxed stay.

As a leading guest house and serviced room for rent provider, SnooozzZ is your go-to place for getting that perfect room to rent for your city stay. Whether you are looking for a serviced room to rent for a short business stay or a guest house as a base for seeing the sights of Manchester, Cambridge or Oxford, SnooozzZ has the perfect room to rent.